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Touch ID

Mac users need to learn about touch ID tutorial since this feature helps a lot, especially in simplifying your Mac operations. If you know nothing about this feature, you definitely need to stay on this page until the end. There will be enough details to help you understand about it and how to use the feature.

On Mac, you can find the touch ID at the right corner of your keyboard. This is the electronic fingerprint sensor or recognition feature. This feature is using the capacitive touch both to capture your fingerprint and recognize it in 360 degrees of orientation.

Touch ID Tutorial: How to Enable the Feature

Some MacBook computers have fingerprint technology. MacBook Air Retina 13 inches (2018 – 2020), MacBook Air M1 2020, MacBook Pro 13 inches (2016 – 2020), MacBook Pro 13 inches M1 2020, and MacBook Pro 14 inches 2021 are some computers with this fingerprint technology.

Now, if you have a MacBook computer with a fingerprint feature, check out the touch ID tutorial below to enable the feature. First of all, you need to add a fingerprint first.

  1. Launch the Apple Menu and then open System Preferences then access the Touch ID menu.
  2. Click on Add Fingerprint button with + button on the appearing window.
  3. Type in the admin password when a pop-up window appears and then give confirmation by clicking on the OK button.
  4. The on-screen guide will help you set up the MacBook fingerprint ID. Follow all the guides.
  5. Save your fingerprint by clicking Done.

Touch ID

The system now owns your fingerprint ID. But you need to set up the use of your fingerprint data. MacBook Pro allows you to use fingerprints for various acts. Below are some options to use your touch ID.

  • The touch ID tutorial above allows you to use fingerprint to unlock the MacBook. Use the fingerprint sensor to log into the MacBook when the device is awake from its sleep mode.
  • You can also use the fingerprint sensor to finish purchases when you are shopping on a MacBook by using Apple Pay payment method.
  • Fingerprint sensor also allows you to finish purchases when you are shopping on Apple Store, App Store, and iTunes Store on MacBook.
  • When browsing Chrome, Safari, or the other browsing apps, simply use the fingerprint sensor and it will auto-fill the credit card information and user accounts.

Learn about touch ID tutorials and you’ll be able to switch users easily.

What To Do When This Feature Doesn’t Work

What if you figure out that the device doesn’t allow you to add a fingerprint on the MacBook? Or what should you do if you cannot use the MacBook Air fingerprint sensor after enrolling your fingerprint? Here are some things you can do when you face those problems.

  1. Make sure the fingerprint sensor button and your fingers are dry and clean.
  2. Cover the fingerprint sensor completely with your finger, don’t move the finger while the fingerprint sensor is still scanning.
  3. Check the compatibility between the Magic Keyboard and Mac. Only Apple M1 Mac with at least macOS 11.4 can use the fingerprint sensor on the Magic Keyboard with touch ID tutorial button.
  4. If a fingerprint doesn’t work, try the other enrolled fingerprint. Or you can also add another fingerprint then try using the new fingerprint.
  5. Check the fingerprint setup if you cannot do some operations with your fingerprint. Make sure you have set the preferences on the setup. Or you can also uncheck the preferences, re-check them, and try using the fingerprint sensor again.
  6. Restarting the device will also help. This touch ID tutorial is going to exclude any temporary bugs that may cause the fingerprint sensor on MacBook Pro or MacBook Air not working.
  7. Finally, if the entire steps above are not helping, you need to update the MacBook.

Removing A Fingerprint

A MacBook will store five fingerprints. All users can have three fingerprints maximum on the user account. If you want to replace a fingerprint, you need to remove the existing one.

  1. Launch the System Preferences on your Mac and then open the Touch ID menu.
  2. Then move your cursor onto one fingerprint to remove.
  3. Click the X icon next to the fingerprint and then type in the admin password before clicking the OK button.
  4. When the confirmation window appears, click Delete.

Follow the Touch ID tutorial above and you will be able to use your MacBook much more easily.

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